Transponders form a vital part of the ground segment for satellite-borne SAR. Normally placed on flat, low clutter terrain, these devices offer absolute calibration of the SAR image. They provide a point target of sufficient accuracy for end to end radiometric calibration of satellite SAR instrument obtained data.

Antenna Wireless SAPARC-NG calibrators are our most advanced calibrators that provide a simultaneous recording and constant RCS mode which provides significant improvements over its predecessors and sets it far apart from all competitor technologies in this field.

These Transponders (available in multiple frequency bands) uses an antenna specifically chosen for customer needs and can be customized to provide a radiometric echo equivalent of about 10dBm² to 60dBm² based on choice of antennas.

Typical Specifications for our SAPARC-NG units are as follows:

o Multiple Operation Modes: (optional)
- Satellite (standard)
- Airplane SAR (optional)
o Frequency Bands: L, C, X bands
o Bandwidth: 30MHz ± 5MHz (L-Band) or 250MHz ± 50MHz (C-Band)
o RCS: variable, 10-60dBm² in steps of 0.5dBm²
o Cross-pol isolation: variable
o 3dB Beamwidth: 10° ± 2° (based on antenna)
o Short-term stability: < 0.1dB / 2 hours
o Transmit peak power: 29dBm ± 1dBm
o Receiver Noise Figure: 2.0dB ± 0.2dB
o Optional battery operation
o Temperature range: -10° to 50° C
o Humidity range: 35 to 100RH
o Monitor transmission peak power and temperature
o Measure azimuth antenna patterns
o Data downloading via a USB port to a laptop
o Data recording initiated by the presence of SAR pulses
o Calculation of absolute RCS
o Microprocessor controlled RCS
o LCD display for easy configuration and ease of use to the end user