Misson Specific Narrow Band Scatterometers

A specific capability offered by the Radar Signature Management Group enables target RCS and imaging measurements to be made in the operational nvironment. Mission specific narrow-band scatterometers offered by Antenna Wireless Inc. offers the leading industry price-performance for budget constrained commercial projects for space agencies and government organizations. Superior erformance of these narrow-band scatterometers are made possible by leveraging Antenna Wireless' know-how from past space agency projects and MSCAT (Mobile Wideband Polarimetric Scatterometer) product.

The Company builds and custom designs mobile or static, fully instrumented,
polarimetric measurement radar systems, allowing signature data to be gathered from land, sea or airborne locations. Targets can be tracked accurately in their normal operating environment using optical, and radar tracking techniques, to ensure consistent illumination of the subject platform during the radar data gathering exercise.

The radars have been specifically designed and developed to provide state-of-the-art performance under all operational conditions and within the restricted budgets of our customers. The performance offered by these advanced radars is exceptional, and they utilize both frequency and polarization agility, on a pulse-by-pulse basis, in order to acquire high resolution measurement data simultaneously.

Another application using our narrow band scatterometers is to fit the associated RF assemblies onto a crane boom, thus achieving variable depression angles. Extended cable looms connect the RF and control infrastructure to the radar system. These systems are especially critical in establishing RCS libraries for target identification programs for both military, scientific and commercial programs.

PL-SCAT - Polarimetric L-Band Scatterometer

Specifically designed for peration at the space agency SAR operations at L-Band (1150-1390MHz) frequency range. These scatterometers are especially valuable for JERS-1, AirSAR, PALSAR type missions.

PC-SCAT - Polarimetric C-Band Scatterometer

Specifically designed for operation at the space agency SAR operations at 5250-5570MHz frequency range. These scatterometers are especially valuable for AirSAR, RadarSAT (I and II), EnviSAT type missions.

Customized frequency coverage units are also available upon request of our customers.